Ja siitä se ajatus sitten lähti

So, let's began from there where it all started, shall we?

I had seen already many Monster High dolls at different stores and thought myself how beautiful and interesting they were. I had never seen really anything like it. Sure, there has been Halloween costumed dolls before, many times! I think I had Halloween Barbie when I was a kid. But this time, it was something slightly different. They were monsters all the time, not just Halloween. Story based on their lives who we dress up as to have fun and get candy as a kid. Idea was fascinating. Daughters and sons of famous, scary legends.

At the same time I was happy and sad. Happy about the fact that someone had come up with such a great idea, but sad 'cos I was too old for it. Already moved out from home, got engaged, living a grown-up woman's life. What the heck would someone like me do with a toy like that?

Talked on a phone with my mom and happened to mention these curious dolls I had seen. She called me silly and said that I can't be serious saying that I was interested to buy one.

When I visited stores I went to check up these dolls every now and then but I just left it hanging, made it a silly phase that will fade away and be forgotten soon enough. So you can imagine my face when last Christmas, which I was spending at my mom’s place, I opened this wrapped up box and discovered Venus McFlytrap doll which my mom had bought me.

 And when I opened the package I saw this cute little stand that was made for the doll and understood that they wasn’t really even made just for playing, but also for people like me. For collecting and putting them up on your shelves.

And that's when the dam broke. I realized that when you get a doll you don't have to play with it to have something to do. And I was finally brave enough to buy more dolls.

Next one I already bought on my own, not from any store, tho. I got it from my friend, it was already a little used but it was cheaper (only 18€) than a new one and didn't even look used.

Spectra Vondergeist

Third one was already a new one. Bought it from internet (Huuto.net) and it came all the way from England.
Scary Tales
Clawdeen Wolf as Dead Riding Wolf  

And her oh, so CUTE shoes! I’m absolutely in love with them and I’d want same kinds for myself. Not that color of course, but everything else.

I’ve also bought Rochelle Goyle, but I don’t have any pictures of her yet ‘cos I didn’t take any when she came out of her box and I already started customizing her. You’ll see pictures of Rochelle in the near future I hope.
And later I’ll also make a post about how my dolls look now since I didn’t keep their original clothes and hairstyle.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Scary Tales Clawdeen on kyllä ihana! c: pitäis varmaan itekkin hankkia.

    1. Suosittelen lämpimästi! Omasta mielestäni kaunein Clawdeen mitä on tähän mennessä ilmestynyt :)