Kyborgi kaunottaria, heräteostoksia ja teaser

Hello, me again. Lot’s has happened since last time so I have tons to tell and show you!
Let’s start with this post's main thing: My beautiful new Robecca Steam doll!

I have absolutely no idea why I didn’t buy this beauty as soon as it came to our stores. Took me a while to understand how much I really was into this doll! Luckily, the other day when I was shopping with my friend we visited one toy store and this girl was the only one left there and I just had to take her with me <3

Right away I fell in love with all her little details.

I already have some plans for this girl. To every doll I get I give new names and some song that I think descripes them and their personality. Haven’t posted those songs and names yet ‘cos I don’t really have time for it right now. 
New names I pick mostly because it’s easier to call one Emilia than Scaris City Of Frights Skelita Calaveras, right? And song I pick because 1. It’s really fun 2. They kinda pop into my mind without even trying so why not share it with you guys?

Okay, back to the original topic: Since I pick everyone a song and I choose David Guettas “Turn Me On” for Robecca I got inspired by it’s music video. (Go check it out it’s a great clip. Even if you wouldn’t like the song just mute the damn thing and watch just the video! :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVw7eJ0vGfM ) The dress that Nicki is wearing, I’m planning to do something like that for Robecca. Don’t really know if I have enough skills to pull something like that off but I’m going to be brave and try anyway ‘cos I really think it would fit for Robecca perfectly.

Next topic: Today I made and impulse buy and so far I’m not regretting it! So here is my newest: Scaris - City Of Frights
Clawdeen Wolf

Only giving you one photo because I am lazy and after all this post was supposed to be about Robecca who was supposed to be my newest and then I went and screwed it all up! :D

And then, last but not least: first photo of my customized Rochelle! 

I know I know, it’s a tease, but I really don’t want to give you guys more before she is all the way ready. Face is now completely done. And I gave up with the hair. I wanted them to be black but I’m starting to think that there is no way of doing that if I don’t want to make her completely new hair and I am not enough talented for that. Every type of coloring was just a waste of my time, seems like nothing sticks to that hair! If anyone knows anything that works, please tell me!
But if we forget about the hair color she is only missing her veil which I haven’t done yet. I was supposed to go to flee market today and search some nice fabrics, but again I AM LAZY!

Thank you for reading!


Before / After

I still haven’t finished Rochelle or my yet unnamed Design Lab doll so still no pictures of them, sorry! What I have been doing is taking fresh pictures of Spectra, Venus and Clawdeen which shows you guys what changes I’ve made. Not much really but it’s a start

Let’s start with Venus
This is how the doll looks like normally. Altho her hair is tied up already in this picture, but I guess you can use imagination and pretend that its open :D

And this is how my dolly looks like now. No dramatic changes. I haven’t done anything to her hair or make up, just clothes. Bolero, top and skirt are old Bratz clothes that I’ve customized to fit Monster High body type. And socks & shoes belong originally to Rochelle. I’m actually very pleased to this dolls look so I don’t think I’ll ever change anything.

Next one shall be Scary Tales Clawdeen.
Normal doll

And how it looks now. Nothing dramatic here either. Cut little bit hair from the tops cos they were all messy and ugly after long ride from England to here and after that tied them up a bit differently so they wouldn’t be all over the face all the time. Clothes she is wearing are Operettas Fashion Pack. I got rid of everything that was plastic and spider webish ( :D ) cos I didn’t like them. I made a new belt from red lace cos the outfit looked like it was missing something without it.



Last, but not least: Spectra
Normal doll

 And how she looks like now. Cut the hair a pretty much shorter. As you can see it’s longer from the front and backcombed from the behind. Makes her look a bit messy and very cute I think. She is wearing Bratz’s old dress (which I’ve customized to fit Monster High body type) to create more ghostly feeling than her original clothes because it makes her all the way white.

And here’s some photos just for fun :)
                                Alone and beautiful


Spying! Vol. 2

 And here is first photos of my Monster High Design Lab


Thanks for reading!